Schedule Me Please!

Are all of your days running together?

If you’re anything like me I run on chocolate and crafts. I am not your average coffee drinker. My mom would drink it black. I’m talking straight from the plant not even processed, however coffee is processed. I think that contributed to my dislike of it. Thanks mom. Any who, back on topic, our days were conjoining themselves by the dayside and night side at this point and I just needed there to be some order. Some days I’m one of those I need a list for my list people and other days I can recite your schedule to you and I don’t even know you. I haven’t been on top of my game lately so I decided to upgrade my dry erase kid scheduler.

First I searched through my craft supplies and found some full 8.5 x 11 sized magnet sheets I bought at a Daiso while living in Japan. If you know Daiso, you probably love Daiso. Without going to much into that it is a dollar store in Japan but of course the money is yen so it is 100 yen store. I’m sure with a little searching you could find magnet sheets at a local hobby store or online.


colorful magnet sheets from daiso

I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut these into rectangles and circle pieces. Now I am working with the Cameo 3 and even with my blade set to 10, pressure at 33 and passed 2 times I had to bend my sheets of magnet at the seams to have them separate. It wasn’t hard and came out smoothly. See below.


silhouette cameo 3 cutting magnet sheet


rectangles and circles (oh my) (the red scallop shaped ones didn’t make the cut)

After all the magnets were cut I fingered through my adhesive vinyl scraps. I tend to use these on home projects or any quick little project. I used these (see below) for the wording on the magnet pieces.


my scrap adhesive vinyl collection (I may need a new way to organize)

 I readied all of my words in Silhouette Studio and sent to cut.


adhesive vinyl scraps getting cut into letters

Now with everything cut I just needed to weed and place the adhesive vinyl onto the magnets. Quick little fast paced videos below and the finished look of the words on magnets.

With all of the supplies combined I was able to slap them on the dry erase board and quickly get our days back in order! Yay! In all honesty my kids are 8 and 10 and all they want to do is either video game, computer play or iPad time. So although I wanted this schedule for them it’s more for me so I can track their usage and still get some time in for us.



finished dry erase board fancied up with schedule magnets

A much needed project for us to situate our days and make things easier for myself with the ease and use of magnets verses writing and updating the board by hand.


– Courtney

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