Quick little HTV on a canvas

HTV is heat transfer vinyl and it is fun to create with.

You can add it to t-shirts, canvases, walls, cards and oh so many other things. It is activated with heat. So it is a flimsy like vinyl that goes on adjustably until you add heat which solidifies its placement.

I was in need of some hanging art in my craft/computer/office/getaway/sanctuary room.  I’m sure I could think of other things to call this room but for now I’ll stick with those listed.

I have a bugaboo sign and pictures of family/ friends. I also have some canvases all painted up by me, but I was in need of a funny phrase or play on words if you will. I decided on a a font humor piece.

I used HTV scraps and got to work. I had my Cameo cut out the HTV and used my mini heat iron to adhere it to the canvas.

I honestly forgot to take “in process” photos so this is all I have to offer. Again oops.

I wanted to add just a little more flair to this piece so I pulled out my trusty paint markers and went to town around the HTV area.

Flowers. They’re cool. I love the offset look when coloring so that was my tried technique. Now my new font funny art resides next to other crafts. It’s home.


What funny play on words or fonts have you made?

– Courtney

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