A Custom “love” Tank Top


A tank top with “love”… literally.

I suppose not everyone enjoys a custom shirt with “love” written across it with fancy glitter HTV and added sublimated colors. I however am a fan of this tank top and had so much fun making it. Custom orders are always fun.

A quick sped up video to show you my awesome coloring skills…


Great skills huh?

The light-up pad I “borrowed” from my daughter sure did help. I have used it on a few projects and every time she is none the wiser!

To make this tank top I heat pressed the white glitter HTV to the shirt. Then with the help of sublimation markers I was able to add all the colors. The hearts you see on the left side towards the bottom and the back are patterned HTV and a perfect pattered HTV for this project. As you can see in the video, I printed out the font styling of the shirt and reversed it on the light pad.

Mirror Mirror HTV & Sublimated words.

I usually forget but I love that my Silhouette machine prompts me before cutting or sketching. (I think while sketching – not sure about that.) After using all the colors of the rainbow or close to it anyways I heat pressed them to the shirt on top of the glitter HTV. I used my Silhouette to sketch out the black outline with the sublimation marker and added that on after all the colors. After adding a few patterned HTV hearts it was complete.

The end. Custom “love” tank top complete.


– Courtney

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