Artesprix™ Stamps, Sublimation & A Keychain, Oh My!

Iron-on-Ink DIY Iron-on-Ink Maple Key Chain

Hey, there sublimation newbie or maybe you prefer sublimation all-star?

If you’re using the Artesprix™ Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers you are quick to become the latter because they are that easy to use with some materials you may already have on hand. You can create fun and colorful pieces to compliment any gift with a little added personalization.

Maybe you don’t know what sublimation markers are or what they can do?

Artesprix™ developed a handheld way to use sublimation which is a way to permanently transfer your art to any medium with a high polyester count. These markers can be used on plain copy paper to transfer to any medium using a heat source. Magic? Maybe. What is magical is the turn out you’ll get when using the Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers.

Quick gift ideas at your fingertips!

I was in need of a quick new neighbor gift. So after a little introduction with my neighbor, I decided a keychain would be the perfect welcoming gift. As a crafter, I love being able to add my own personal touch and these markers make that simple and fun.

Let’s start the project!

The first Artesprix™ decision with this project is: a maple keychain, a plastic keychain, or a metal keychain (all available on the Iron-on-Ink website.)

I decided on the maple keychain because it has a natural wood appearance and a beautiful smooth finish. Follow along with me while I create a keychain for my neighbor who loves her guitar.


Materials and tools you will need: (Listed in order of use)

  • Copy Paper (Just plain old paper, crazy right?) Science!
  • Sublimation Cling Stamps (Camp Set)
  • Acrylic Stamp Block
  • Stamp Pad
  • Sublimation Markers
  • Scissors
  • Maple Key Chain
  • Heat Tape
  • Protective Paper
  • Heat Source: iron, heat press, etc.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:


Step 1. First things first it’s time to stamp it up! For instance, I used the guitar in the Artesprix™ Sublimation Cling Stamp set and stuck it to the acrylic block because it helps with alignment.

*Mess-Free & Measuring Tips: the stamp pad ink and markers may bleed so you’ll want to add a few sheets of copy paper under the top sheet to protect from happy streaks all over your creative area. To accurately have the dimensions for your design space simply trace your keychain.*


*In the video (down below): You’ll see I remembered to mirror my tiny music notes. Thanks to the 12 signs I have posted around my craft room.*

Step 2. Next, color in the stamp and add your own creative flair. After you have finished coloring your design cut off the extra paper around your design leaving enough space to secure with heat tape. I recommend 1-2 inches and I save the paper scraps for future projects or doodling. Line up your keychain to your outlined design and place your keychain over the design. Using the Artesprix™ Heat Tape secure the placement on the keychain blank from the back. Meanwhile, set your heat press to 400ºF, or if using an iron choose the linen or highest setting without steam.


We are ready to sublimate!

Step 3. First, put an Artesprix™ Protective Paper sheet down on your heat-press or on a protective mat for iron users. Next, place your keychain on top of it facing up so the heat source activates those colors. Add your final protective paper sheet on top of the keychain to complete your Sublimation Sandwich.

Step 4. Heat press the keychain for 60 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a home iron press up and down onto your blank for approximately 3 minutes.


TIP: Use that pressure! Make sure you are NOT using the traditional ironing method, you’ll want to use a “tile,” method to transfer your design. The Artesprix Tile Method is an up and down motion when you are placing pressure onto your blank during the transfer process. You can reference Artesprix’s YouTube Heat Source video here to learn more about their Tile Method!

Step 5. After releasing the heat source let it cool for a few minutes because it will be hot hot hot. Some blanks get hotter than others during the heat transfer process. I would say The Maple Key Chain cools off relatively quickly. To reveal your project, separate the sheets of protective paper from the keychain and undo the heat tape.

There you have it! An ink inspired keychain! After adding the keychain ring you’re all set. Another creation done by Gina can be found here where she also uses stamps, sublimation, and a keychain, oh my!


An easy and fun sublimation project for all!

In addition to my neighbor loving her gift I now have a new friend to craft with. So if you find yourself searching for blanks visit the Iron-on-Ink website because Artesprix™ makes it a breeze with all of the goodies they have to offer in one place. You can also visit Artesprix™ on Facebook and even join their Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Group for sublimation marker projects and ideas. Thanks for creating along with me. I’d love to see your creations too! Join, create, and share!

– Courtney


Thinking about browsing through Artesprix products? The link below will take you to their website and if you do make a purchase it gives me a little kickback while being an affiliate for them. Thank you. 

website: Artesprix 

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