Summer Shirt Fun – Sublimation Style

Creating a T-shirt Using Sublimation Markers

Have you found every polyester item you could imagine to practice sublimation with yet? I feel like I am always looking for something different to sublimate on but unfortunately, it ends up not being polyester. I found a spray online that helps you change the polyester percentage just by adding it to the clothing material. They also have a formula for wood and hard surfaces.

This magic spray is called… dyepress polyTplus and dyepress Poly Gloss.

They are pretty easy to use and help out those cotton/polyester blended materials to accept the sublimation. It’s as simple as spraying onto the material and drying it with a heat press before adding your art. In the video below that step in skipped and instead starts off where I use a Silhouette Cameo to trace my design for my t-shirt.

The shirt is 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester

Adding the spray bumps the polyester percent up a bit to help make the colors come out more vibrant. Depending on your cotton/polyester percent this affects the outcome. The lower the percent the less vibrant it will be.

 Here is a video of my process (minus the spray part)

Adding extra things

Anytime there’s room to add glow-in-the-dark fabric marker my daughter is ecstatic. After heat pressing the image to the t-shirt, I added the fabric marker areas and that finished up this project.

A new fun shirt for my daughter. Who I know will make it sleepwear and ask for more shirts in the future. Good news kiddo, I enjoy making them. Next time I’ll let her design it.


– Courtney


2 thoughts on “Summer Shirt Fun – Sublimation Style

  1. This shirt seems so simple to make! The colors from the markers you used were so bright and wonderful to look at as it pressed onto the shirt. This will be such a fun and rewarding project to try for myself and the kids. Can you draw directly onto the shirt if you wanted to or would it wash out if not pressed? Thanks for the demonstration!


    • Hey Anne! Great question, Artesprix recommends that you do not color directly on your project instead, for best results it is recommended that you draw and color on a plain sheet of copy paper and then transfer your art with a heat press, home iron, dry iron, etc. Thanks for checking out CrafteeWorks!


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