My DIY Take On The “Santa Tray”

Are you familiar with the cute Santa tray everyone makes right around the holidays?

A Santa tray specific to my little family

When I was asked to create a Silhouette Studio file for this exact project I wanted to take a minute and create one that suited my family. I am not sure who the original crafter was that crafted up this idea but it is quite cute. I can see how children would find joy and excitement in this tray. My kiddos are a little bit older (8 & 11) and I am not sure how much more time there is before we have non-believers.

After creating the file for a friend, I created my own to fit my family’s quirkiness. I searched the internet for the material used as the base and any tray really will do. I’ve seen: charger plates, wood, wooden trays, several pieces of wood glued together, long tray, short tray, square, rectangle, and circle trays. There are so many fun ideas out there. Me being me, I wanted to create my own tray. The craft store even had 50% off trays and I looked at those and threw caution to the wind. Not because I am better at making a tray than the creators of professional trays. No. Not because I needed a specific size or color to match my non-exsistant home decor. Simply because I wanted to be thrifty.

I found highly reduced priced pictures and a great deal on drawer pulls or tray handles if you will (1.99 each). Pictured below was my savings on the pictures. I bought 2 and will create something else with the second picture.

A photo showcasing my savings

Heres how I created the tray

  1. First I cleaned those stubborn price stickers off all areas of the tray and gently sanded the frame and picture.
  2. Then I painted the whole thing, frame included, matte black with a quick-drying acrylic paint. See below
A painted picture with a few coats of matte black acrylic paint

3. After the paint was dry I cut my design out with my Silhouette on a silvery adhesive vinyl and adhered that to the black painted framed picture. I also attached the drawer pulls/ tray handles to the sides. I measured multiple times to have everything line up.

A silvery adhesive vinyl cut with a Silhouette

A hanging Santa tray!

I’m opting to have my tray hang as a decoration during the holiday. With that said I added a sawtooth hanger, hooks (at the bottom,) and then embellished it with a bow and hanging ornaments I found a few years ago in a dollar section. After everything, I spent under $7 bucks on the framed picture, tray handles. I had the paint, ribbon, and hardware already.

It was a fun little project. Now I have another framed picture to get crafty with soon. I have an idea but my ideas always seem pretty clever until I put the materials to work. Until I create again.

A glimpse at the steps taken to create Santa tray

– Courtney

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