Sublimation of Metal Keychains for the Grandmas!

Hey all, just Courtney here creating a metal keychain with sublimation art for my mom and mother-in-law, or better yet for the grandmas! Having a little keepsake with a name handwritten by their grandchildren seems like a great way to freeze time. Children grow up quickly and creating this sublimation of metal keychains for the grandmas will give them something to remember as to when their grandbabies were this young. 

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers? 

Getting technical; Sublimation is a process of inks that make a transition from a solid to a gas and transfer to a substrate of your choosing while being heated. Polyester material is key here. Sublimation loves the material of Polyester. The best results are transferred to it. Whether it be Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Materials. Artesprix Sublimation Markers are your way to create with this process on a personalization level. For example, sublimation of keychains for the grandmas!   

A photo of Artesprix products and other tools needed to create a sublimated metal keychain


  • Metal Keychains


  • Pencil
  • Copy Paper
  • Sublimation Markers
  • Tracing Light Pad
  • Scissors
  • Protection Paper
  • Heat Tape
  • Heat Press
  • Project Mat 

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1.  Trace your blank Metal Keychain. These keychains can be sublimated on both sides. Trace 4 times. Remember to leave space around your traces for the cutting and heat taping process in a later step. 

Step 2. Design the 4 blank tracings. My kids wrote their names and age on copy paper. I then designed the rest around their handwriting.  

Step 3. After the design is finished place the blank keychain on top of the design and the heat tape to the back of the blank keychain. This will hold it in place while pressing.

Step 4. Now place a piece of protection paper down and add the heat taped blank facing design up. Add another piece of protective paper on top. This is what Artesprix calls a Sublimation Sandwich. Heat press the sandwich for 45 seconds at 400˚  F.

Step 5. Let cool and take a quick peek at the results. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to the remaining blank sides.

Step 6. Let cool and reveal the sublimation metal keychains for the grandmas project.

Did you enjoy this tutorial?

There are loads of informational tutorials and beautifully designed Artesprix products on their blog. Check out this keychain collection from Gina. Now I’m craving some sweets! 

The kids enjoyed seeing their handwritten names on a project and can not wait to give them to the grandmas. Honestly a perfect little gift for loved ones. Thinking about making your very own sublimation metal keychain for the grandmas? Or maybe the grandpas? For whoever really! Share with everyone at the Facebook group. Excited to see what you create!



Thinking about browsing through Artesprix products? The link below will take you to their website and if you do make a purchase it gives me a little kickback while being an affiliate for them. Thank you. 

website: Artesprix  

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