Iron-on-INKED – An Artesprix T-Shirt Project

Hello! Courtney here with a fun Artesprix T-Shirt Project! An Iron-on-INKED T-Shirt Project. That play on words goes right along with this project because it is a tentacle-y good T-Shirt. Follow along to create a child size shirt with octopus tentacles and an INKED back splatter because octopus. Right?!

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers are your direct link from not knowing how to sublimate on a polyester material to easily picking up a few markers drawing out a cool design and adding it to whatever poly-coated material you would like to. A great way to dabble in the world of sublimation. 

A photo displaying the materials and tools used on an Artesprix T-Shirt project

Materials and Tools:

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Usually I would start with a tracing of the object being sublimated on but this project called for several locations being covered. I started by coloring on the Gel Press Impressables Plates. After that I transferred the plate designs to copy paper by putting the paper on the plate and using the Brayer to pick up the design. For the second effect I used the solid Gel Press Plate to drop watery Refill Ink onto the Gel Plate and then used the Brayer to pick up the ink splatter. 

A photo showing copy paper covered in Gel Press designed art

Step 2: Now, I cut the designs into 8 parts, for the tentacles. Before Heat Taping each part down on the T-Shirt, I put Protective Paper inside the T-Shirt in all areas that the Marker design will touch. 

A photo showing several designs taped down onto a T-Shirt

Step 3: Then I added Protective Paper underneath and on top to create the Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. Press the T-Shirt for 35 seconds at 370º F. If your design is bigger than your heat press you can move the shirt in sections until all parts are heated. 

A photo displaying an Artesprix T-Shirt sandwiched and ready for pressing

Step 4: Take a quick peek to see that the process worked. If so continue on, if not press again and check.

Step 5: To create the tentacles I cut them out of Heat Transfer Vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo and applied them over the designed parts for an abstract designed octopus using my mini press to adhere them to the T-Shirt. 

A Tentacle-y Good Tutorial? 

If this was helpful and you’d love to explore some more projects visit this one by Ivy, you’re sure to be a pro in no time. As always you can always check out Artesprix on Facebook and follow along on everyones creating journeys. 

Iron-on-INKED with a Splash of Ink and a Gel Press of Fun

I am new to the Gel Press game but oh wow did I enjoy creating with them. Now I know some crafters my be cringing at my use of the products as I have many things to learn. I will be over here experimenting away so I can perfect my Gel Press skills. Thanks for reading along! Be sure to share your techniques. I’d love to see them and you never know who you may be helping out.



Thinking about browsing through Artesprix products? The link below will take you to their website and if you do make a purchase it gives me a little kickback while being an affiliate for them. Thank you. 

website: Artesprix  

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