What Do You See Artesprix?

Hi! Just here creating with a the Artesprix Ink Refill and a Gel Press Plate. You may remember I worked on my Artesprix T-Shirt Project a few weeks ago where I made an ink splatter that actually sparked a little creativity for this project. Follow along to see the outcome and play along with the “What Do You See Artesprix?”

A photo of a completed Artesprix Textured Coasters project using Iron-on-Ink products and Gel Press products

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

These are creative tools that you can use to create a sublimation project with. Either being new or skilled in the area of sublimation, you can make anything you want with these specialized ink markers and a polyester or polyester coated material. 

A photo displaying the materials and tools used on an Artesprix Textured Coasters project

Materials and Tools: 

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

Step 1: Starting off I trace a Coaster 4 times as a template for measuring out my design.

A photo showing copy paper traced on to determine proper design placement

Step 2: Next, I use a little water and a few drops of the Ink Refill and use an eye dropper to drop the mixture onto a Gel Press Plate.  

A photo showing the mixture of water and Ink Refill and a Gel Press Plate dropped on with the mixture

Step 3: After the Gel Press Plate has droplets all around it, I use the Gel Press Brayer to roll the design onto the 4 pieces of copy paper.  

A photo displaying the designs on copy paper

Step 4: With the ink splatter picked up by the copy paper and Gel Press Brayer, I let them dry and then I use Heat Tape to tape the Coasters to the designs.

A photo of the Textured Coasters taped to the copy paper design

Step 5: Now, with my heat press set to 400˚ Fahrenheit, I place my Sublimation Sandwiched Coasters in my heat press and press for 90 seconds.

A photo showing the Textured Coasters inside a heat press ready for pressing

Step 6: Finally it is time for the peek test. A test to peek and see that my design transferred smoothly.

A photo of the peek process in which you take a peek to ensure the process of sublimation transferred well
A photo of a finished Textured Coaster and Gel Press Project

Now! What Do You See Artesprix? 

So my previous project inspired me to do a collection of Coasters that resemble the Rorschach Test. So, what do you see Artesprix? I think these will be a great conversation starter during game nights at my house. Want to see another fun Coaster project? Click here! The Inspirational Facebook Group is a great way to see others’ creations and to share yours.  


Check out the video I created!


Thinking about browsing through Artesprix products? The link below will take you to their website and if you do make a purchase it gives me a little kickback while being an affiliate for them. Thank you. 

website: Artesprix