Hello & Welcome

What CrafteeWorks offers…

DIY Color Shirts (A shirt that you can color on, think of a coloring book page, CrafteeWorks adds an outline of your art and you color it in! Great as a holiday gift.)
Customized Goods (CrafteeWorks is not a factory, I am but one person whipping up fun personalized goodies for awesome customers/ friends. Great as gifts.)
Custom Graphics (Sometimes free on the blog but also if you need a graphic specific to an event. I am very hands-on and detail-oriented with my customers, expect messages/emails with proofs.)

Updates & Information About CrafteeWorks:

• Monthly blog posts about crafty projects. (Okay, maybe once every 2 months or maybe even quarterly. I love to create, it’s the writing about the project that’s hard. Anyone else?)

• Part Time Mom Club T-shirts coming soon! (A side project I have been helping along with.)

• You can check out CrafteeWorks on Facebook and Instagram.

What People Are Saying About CrafteeWorks

“You are so creative I think this is a great opportunity for you to help others create and make lasting relationships bound by these interests.”  David L. (My husband, awww)

“CrafteeWorks helped me create a color shirt with my very own art! I love it!” Samantha W.

“Courtney at CrafteeWorks made me feel confident with my skills at creating a custom t-shirt for my family’s reunion.” Sasha D. 

Want to collaborate with CrafteeWorks? A little bit of your idea and a little bit of mine?  Great! Let’s Connect & Create!