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A Mermicorn Sock Party!


Have you ever heard of a Mermicorn?

When my 8-year-old daughter asks to work on a craft project it usually consists of slime making, t-shirt drawing/coloring, or little pieces to decorate her bedroom. Her usual go-to graphics are unicorns, mermaids, hearts, stars, rainbows, and flowers of any kind.

A Mermicorn is half unicorn and half mermaid. The unicorn on the top half and a mermaid tail on the bottom half to complete the look.

With a little help from Adobe Illustrator, I mashed together two of my daughter’s favorite things. Mermicorns everywhere! Originally she had only asked for unicorn graphics that she could create with but I am an overachiever every once in a green moon. Green moon because I’m pretty sure that, that doesn’t exist and neither does my overachieving-ness. (Haha sorry kid.)

Creating fancy socks using sublimation.

I found 100% polyester socks at the store. You can literally find these anywhere. Not sure if all 100% polyester socks are created equally as good under the pressure of a heat press but with these 98¢ pack of socks they held up their end of the bargain.

Project Fun

To start this project I helped my daughter by sketching out mermicorns and stars in a 3″x7″ shaped pattern using a Silhouette Cameo 3. Using the gray adapter for the Silhouette Pen Holder because it fits the Artesprix Sublimation Black (Fine Tip Marker) perfectly. (See the quick timelapse video below.)

After everything was sketched my daughter was able to color the design in with the abundance of colorful sublimation markers available from Artesprix.


Next, I stepped back into help heat press her fun colorings. With the heat press warmed to a hot 400º Farenheight I pressed the socks for 30-40 seconds. My daughter was coloring the next page so that the socks would have a completed look and not be one-sided. (Haha.)


Once she finished coloring I repeated the heat press steps for the other side of the socks. The Artesprix Heat Tape and protective paper really help make these sublimation projects run smoothly. Sandwiching the pieces of protective paper along with the project piece not only helps the project turn out great but it can save your heat press from unwanted colorings on future projects.

Ta-dah! Mermicorn Socks for Tiny Feet!

Socks stretch… but even with the little bit of stretch hugging my daughter’s feet they came out very colorful and she was very pleased with them.

Well, until the next time my kid requests to craft! Keep creating stuff.

Just kidding I make craft all the time.

–  Courtney

An Artesprix™ Plastic Keychain Float!

A simple DIY craft using sublimation on a plastic keychain.

A cute way to display upcoming birthdays, personal notes, or photos.

Having a fun way to show off your events and photos is always nice. A place to look at for memories and reminders. Here is a cute way to display those using a plastic key chain and a few other materials.


Have you worked with sublimation before?

Have you considered trying out sublimation but the process seems complicated or too pricy? Well, Artesprix Sublimation Markers is a great way to start experimenting with sublimation. It’s a handheld way to transfer your creative creations onto polyester items. Try them out!     


Materials and tools you’ll need for the key chain:

  • Iron on Ink Markers
  • Blank Plastic Key Chains
  • Plain Copy Paper (a few sheets)
  • Heat Tape
  • Protective Paper
  • Heat Source (home iron, heat press, etc.)
  • Scissors

Materials and tools you’ll need to complete the keychain float (all of the above plus:)

  • Wood Hearts
  • Mini Clothes Pins 
  • Yarn/Hemp String
  • Hot Glue Gun 

Additional tools (I used:)

  • Silhouette Cameo

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start by tracing the keychains onto a plain sheet of copy paper.


Step 2: After that, draw, stamp, color and create what you’d like to see on your keychain using Artesprix Markers. I used a Silhouette Cameo to outline my images. Meanwhile, you can set a home iron to the highest setting (no steam) or a heat press to 400º F.

*To have my tracing line up with the Silhouette Cameo I scanned my traced copy paper and opened in Silhouette Studio.

Step 3: With your design complete cut around it leaving space to secure with heat tape to the keychain. Place the keychain over your design and tape it down. (See photo)


Step 4: Now create a “sublimation sandwich” by placing protective paper down, your heat taped keychain (design up), and then finally another protective paper on top.


Step 5: With your heat source prepared place the “sublimation sandwich” down and press for 60 seconds or 3 minutes with an iron. After pressing time is completed, let cool.

Step 6: Reveal your design by pulling the protective paper off and heat tape away from the keychain. Add the key ring tab.  

There you have it, a sublimated plastic keychain.  

To create the rest of the keychain float:

Step 7: Using a glue gun glue the mini clothespins to the wooden hearts. 

Step 8: Glue yarn/hemp string to the back of the keychain and the wood hearts down the yarn/hemp string. I braided my strings.

A fun way to display memories or important dates.

That completes the keychain float. Hang it on a decorative hook or a push pin and add personal notes and photos! This could be a great small gift to gift someone also. You can find all of the materials on the Artesprix website. If you liked this project and would like to see more visit all of the fun tutorials the Artesprix Design Team has done here. Remember you can always connect with Artesprix by visiting them on FaceBook, Instagram, or joining the Artesprix Iron-on-ink Inpiration Group.



Thinking about browsing through Artesprix products? The link below will take you to their website and if you do make a purchase it gives me a little kickback while being an affiliate for them. Thank you. 

website: Artesprix 

Summer Shirt Fun – Sublimation Style

Creating a T-shirt Using Sublimation Markers

Have you found every polyester item you could imagine to practice sublimation with yet? I feel like I am always looking for something different to sublimate on but unfortunately, it ends up not being polyester. I found a spray online that helps you change the polyester percentage just by adding it to the clothing material. They also have a formula for wood and hard surfaces.

This magic spray is called… dyepress polyTplus and dyepress Poly Gloss.

They are pretty easy to use and help out those cotton/polyester blended materials to accept the sublimation. It’s as simple as spraying onto the material and drying it with a heat press before adding your art. In the video below that step in skipped and instead starts off where I use a Silhouette Cameo to trace my design for my t-shirt.

The shirt is 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester

Adding the spray bumps the polyester percent up a bit to help make the colors come out more vibrant. Depending on your cotton/polyester percent this affects the outcome. The lower the percent the less vibrant it will be.

 Here is a video of my process (minus the spray part)

Adding extra things

Anytime there’s room to add glow-in-the-dark fabric marker my daughter is ecstatic. After heat pressing the image to the t-shirt, I added the fabric marker areas and that finished up this project.

A new fun shirt for my daughter. Who I know will make it sleepwear and ask for more shirts in the future. Good news kiddo, I enjoy making them. Next time I’ll let her design it.


– Courtney