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  1. This shirt seems so simple to make! The colors from the markers you used were so bright and wonderful to look at as it pressed onto the shirt. This will be such a fun and rewarding project to try for myself and the kids. Can you draw directly onto the shirt if you wanted to or would it wash out if not pressed? Thanks for the demonstration!

    1. Hey Anne! Great question, Artesprix recommends that you do not color directly on your project instead, for best results it is recommended that you draw and color on a plain sheet of copy paper and then transfer your art with a heat press, home iron, dry iron, etc. Thanks for checking out CrafteeWorks!

  2. Courtney this is such a great idea! These little creative items could be such an awesome holiday tree decoration or even a simple gift for family members during the holidays. Would these markers work and creative a bright image on a solid piece of wood or is does it require a specific material? I will be sure to go check out the Artesprix website for more information and ideas. Thank you for the inspirational ideas!

    1. Hi Brett, yes these would be great simple gifts and even a great activity to do with loved ones during the holidays. The only specific material you do need is polyester so as long as it consists of that you’re good to go. I would search for ways to do that if you are interested in sublimation on wood. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wow! Those are incredible and it looks so easy to make personalized socks! Are those specific socks or can you use any brand and materials? If I wanted to draw my own pictures for the socks could I do that? I think this is such a lovely idea for custom socks, especially now that it is beginning to get cooler outside.

    1. Hi Jackie, using a polyester material or coated material will get you the best results when crafting with sublimation. You can absolutely add your very own art to a pair of socks and you are right about the weather. Chilly weather calls for fun socks!

  4. That is one of the most beautiful dogs! She looks so comfortable and pretty wearing her handmade bandana! Where did you get the bandana idea? The colors are perfect and the images really speak to the holidays, so creative! YUM!!

    1. Hello Barb, I just came up with the bandana! With the holidays approaching I figured it would be apropos. There are lots of tutorials on the Artesprix website with several of them pertaining to the creation of fun pet bandanas. You can check it out for inspiration. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thank You, Debra! We sure do love our Penny! Make sure when you make your pet bandanas you share them! I’d love to see the bandanas and your pets! If you are on Facebook the Artesprix has a great group that helps with inspiration and ideas!

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